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Local Running

Helen Putnam:  A nice local park located right outside of historic downtown Petaluma featuring many tough hills and winding trials.
Shollenberger Park:
Look no further than Shollenberger park if you're seeking nice trails and easy terrain. Great for training and preparing for all your future races. The main loop is 2.2 miles. If you want to go longer start at the Sheraton Hotel entrance it's one mile to the main loop. From there you can run into Ellis Creek, do a loop and come back to the main trail to finish the loop and return to the Sheraton. Approximately 6 miles. 
Clo Cow Half Marathon 10k and 5k: Training for the Clo Cow Half Marathon or just need a long run? Follow the link below for the Clow Cow course.
If you're looking for a run in the country with mixed terrain and lots of wildlife sightings start at Athletic Soles. From there go to I Street to San Antonio and come back on D Street to 10th Street and back on Western. 12.06 Miles. 
Taylor Mountain: Located in between Petaluma and Rohnert Park this park includes many trials and has some fantastic views from atop the hills.
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